Sunday, July 31, 2016

Review Coleman Sundome 3-Person Tent Green 7 Feet x 7 Feet

Price: $61.42

Product Description

The Coleman Sundome 3 person tent has all the features you have been searching for. This spacious 7 x 7 x 52-Inch (width x length x height) tent provides protection and privacy, with an exclusive weather-tec system that will. Keep you and your personal belongings nice and dry. Easy instructions are sewn into the durable carry bag along with shock corded 2-pole set up system. Additiona More Information Visit Here »

Product Review

My situation: I was taking my 5-year old daughter car camping for one night for her first time. I wanted something that was simple and that I could put up by myself that wasn't cramped and that would keep us dry if there was a light drizzle. Oh, yeah ... and I wasn't thrilled to spend a couple hundred of bucks for something that could get used ONCE. (I bought this model rather than the similarly equipped 2 person model just for the extra space, even though we're really only 1.5 people.)

This thing was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. Sturdy, spacious. It was great. Even unexpected little extras: pockets inside for stuff, hook for a lantern, zipped entrance for an electrical cord, door mat. My little girl loved being in charge of opening and closing the windows.

And on our trip, it rained (of course). Soaking rain that lasted for several hours. The tent did not leak even a LITTLE bit. My daughter slept through the whole thing. I couldn't believe how well made this $60 tent was.

If you don't have any special needs (needs to be especially light, needs to be a winter tent, needs a vestibule for a backpack), this is an EXCELLENT all purpose tent. I would tell any of my friends taking their kids camping that they're crazy if they spend a dollar more than the price of this tent.

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