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Includes 4 components: green mummy style Patrol Bag, black mummy style Intermediate Bag, weather resistant camouflage GorTex Bivy Cover and 6 or 9 strap Compression Stuff Sack. Rated down to -50°F with proper ECWCS clothing More Information Visit Here >>

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By Kimberly Bower (gladeslibrarian) on October 29, 2013
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After research, I selected this sleeping bag system because it offers 4-season options. The lightweight bag can be used alone for warmer nights. It is very soft and comfortable. If the nights are cooler, you can put the thicker black bag inside the lightweight bag. This bag has the weight of a heavy quilt. If you're really cold, you can tuck the whole thing into the canvas bivy.

I like that each of the sections snaps together on both sides of the zipper. This feature keeps you and the bags from getting entangled. Just line up the zippers and snap the bags together. The bag(s) are more narrow than standard sleeping bags you find in the stores. They really are cocoon-like in that they are more narrow at the foot than at the head and the back part comes up under and around your head. Also, the top of the bag wraps around your head either loosely or closely depending on how you adjust the elastic cord. (It's a little hard to explain so I'll try to upload some photos that may help.)

I just returned from a 3-night camping trip where temperatures dipped into the low 40s. Fellow campers at the event complained of not getting enough sleep because they were too cold. I slept all night in warmth and comfort.

If you have any questions, just put them in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Hope you found this helpful!

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